Gutenberg: A WordPress Revolution

Laptop with WordPress Open | Gutenberg

Over the years, WordPress has undergone countless changes, updates and patches. Gutenberg, however, has already made a name for itself as the editor with the power to either make or break the popular CMS. So, let’s dive in and explore how Gutenberg could forever change how we manage, upload and create content online. What Is …

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Announcement: Lightflows Is Officially A Google Partner!

Lightflows Google Partners - Digital Marketing

In 2005, Google launched GAP, or in other words Google Advertising Professionals. Over the years the certification has changed and evolved into what it is today, Google Partners. The qualification serves the same purpose as it did 13 years ago: to certify individuals and digital marketing agencies who had successfully completed Google AdWords training, such …

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Lightflows announces new game…

In the spirit of the exciting game announcements at E3 last week we wanted to share something with you… Over the last few weeks we have been working on a quirky little html5 game called Vaccinate! It’s for the Veterinary Vaccinology Network who wanted an interactive way for young people to engage with the important work they …

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The SuperVet, New Series 3, website relaunch

The Supervet – Noel Fitzpatrick – has returned for a third series which we’ve been avidly watching these past few weeks. Currently showing on Channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday nights. the show follows the stories of hard-to-cure pets from across the country receive cutting-edge care from the ‘Bionic Vet’, and his crack veterinary team. …

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New Website Launches, Fitzpatrick Referrals

for site on iPad

Spring is here – at last – and it’s hard to believe that we’re more than a quarter of the way through the year already. Here at Lightflows, we’ve been heads down, busy in some really exciting projects. So let’s take a quick breather and update you on what’s been going on.

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New Year, New Website

The Christmas holidays are nearly upon us but there’s still plenty to do here at Lightflows HQ. Along with raft of pre-Christmas projects and promotion for our clients, we are also putting the finishing touches to our new, mobile optimised, responsive website too. Whilst our current site has served us well for the past five …

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Sam and Nik join Lightflows

Sam and Nik joining picture

We want to say a great big Lightflows “Welcome!” to our new starters, Samantha Shirrmacher and Nik Bailey. Sam brings considerable commercial experience to our production team. With previous roles at Orange and Scoot, this experience is already kicking in to effect. Nik has been running his own studio and  joins our design team. In …

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