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Our in-house team deliver apps for all major platforms including Apple’s iOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and iWatch; Google Android Tablets and Phone devices and of course Web Applications (Web Apps). Depending on your requirements we offer a range of approaches including pure native development using Objective C, Swift or Java or modern cross-platform technologies such as React Native.


Prestige Pawnbroker app development

Prestige Asset Finance is an asset finance company, also known as Posh Pawn from the Channel 4 TV show. The business approached Lightflows to help develop a product that would speed up the process for customers arranging loans against their assets. By delivering an easy-to-use app, clients' can now get an almost instant appraisal of their assets and a lending value without the need to visit the physical premises. For the project, we delivered not only the Apple and Android apps but also the backend and messaging systems that the business use for evaluating and responding to customer requests. The app launched in Q3 of 2019 and has grown a wide and varied user base for the business and generated many hundreds of business enquiries and transactions.

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Questions? You’re sure to have a few…

The easiest way to answer most of these questions is to have an initial consultation to establish the size and shape of your app. If you’re ready to do that, get in touch.

Our most frequently asked mobile app related questions are below.

How much does mobile app development cost?

This is usually the first question we get asked, and it’s the hardest to answer. The honest answer is, it depends. If you asked someone how much a house cost, the answer would be, it depends.

The price or app development cost is based on the specification, functionality and requirements. The more complex the app, the longer it will take to develop and therefore cost.

How long does it take to build an app?

Related to the first question – the amount of time to develop an app is determined by a number of factors. The size of the project, the number of platforms, iOS Apple, Android, device format, phone or tablet and what the app needs to do.

Rest assured, we have built many apps, in many cases to tight deadlines. With an initial consultancy, we can understand your requirements and provide an accurate timeline.

Who develops your apps?

All of our app development takes place in-house, in the UK at our offices in Guildford, Surrey. We’re very particular and only want to deliver at the highest level, for this reason, we keep everything in-house and don’t outsource a single thing. We are registered Apple Developers and Android Developer and can launch your app into both the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

To get answers to any of your questions please contact us


HomeViews web app development

HomeViews are a London based property tech company. The HomeViews web platform is the place to leave reviews and find key information on the myriad of new and existing property developments springing up throughout the UK. With series A funding in place the business is expanding its offering throughout the UK and beyond with plans to launch internationally in 2020. Lightflows been the product design and software engineering partner of HomeViews since the beginning and have delivered all backend, frontend systems and partner integrations.

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Rosan Helmsley Wealth Managment Portfolio App Development

Rosan Helmsley is a wealth management business with a diverse client base of high net-worth individuals. Lightflows have partnered with the business to deliver exceptional applications delivering client services apps which give clients access to real-time investments information for their holdings. Working together has delivered more than just great products and services to clients, but has added value by building Intellectual property for the business.

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