South East Intellectual Property (SEIP) is a collaboration of five of the South East’s best research Universities. SEIP makes it simple for investors and businesses to gain access to the most up to date research in the South East. SEIP were recently awarded £75,000 from the government in support of the project.
David McCallum, Intellectual Property Officer at the University of Surrey, said “for the first time, details of new techniques and technologies developed at our five partner institutions have been brought together in one place, and in a form that investors and businesses can search to find the opportunities they are looking for. This is a big step forward for the whole region in matching technology research in the South East with investment, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”
Lightflows delivered the partnership brand materials and website design, producing a variety of logo routes to arrive at the final look and logo design. We created the marketing side of the website as well as seamlessly integrating the core technology search platform which was provided by Inteum’s Technology Publisher software.