The Challenge

Storemax are an incredibly successful business who manufacturer electronic point-of-sale devices for major retailers throughout the world.

With long term partnerships stretching back many years, there was never a need to invest in their online marketing activities. With a desire to push in to new markets however, this needed to change and Lightflows were approached to re-brand the business and deliver and online B2B platform to market their products and aid sales.


The Solution

The project started by reinventing the brand. With no strong brand guidelines in place the team here were free to present new directions for the business. As part of the process we presented logos and tag-lines in many formats to help the business visualise the new brand, this included mockups of  their products, stationary such as business cards and letter heads, but also their business premises and their products in their packing in warehouses. This complete picture allowed the stakeholders to really see how their business would look.

The brand work flowed though into a brand new responsive website which showcases the businesses services and products. Lightflows undertook photography both at the Storemax premises and back at the studio were the complete product range was reshot to provide professional, high quality photos for the site.

Branding Exploration

The Results

The Storemax business has undergone a dramatic and revitalising makeover which is helping it move into new markets and increase its sales throughout the world; with a consistent brand image and message and a professional responsive website, it has all the ingredients to succeed with its outbound marketing campaigns.

Thanks for all your hard work in getting the site just how we wanted it.

Susan Sankey Wood

Business Coordination Manager