We’re excited to announce a significant milestone: HomeViews, the trailblazing property tech startup, has been acquired by Rightmove. Lightflows is proud to have been a pivotal partner in their journey to success.

Who are HomeViews?

HomeViews is the coolest property tech startup on the block and the UK’s first independent review website for property. Ultimately, the founders realised there wasn’t a place for homeowners to get the lowdown on the biggest purchase of their lives – their home! Their mission, therefore, is to share valuable, trustworthy insights about residential developments to support homebuyers in making that decision.

A tech partnership

Lightflows were the sole long-term tech partners working with HomeViews from the MVP stage right through to the platform as it is today and acquisition.

The partnership saw HomeViews successfully deliver various rounds of features and improvements that were key to allowing HomeViews to go out and have several successful funding rounds, thereby scaling the business rapidly. In addition, you can read more about how we helped HomeViews develop their MVP here. 

Securing Rightmove: The Acquisition

The Lightflows team would like to extend their congratulations to the HomeViews team; it’s great to see Rightmove has acquired the business. Furthermore, joining Rightmove will give them a brilliant opportunity to expand their services further.

It’s fantastic to see the collaboration that happens when vision meets technology. Edward Brown, the founder of HomeViews, gave his thanks to the Lightflows team:

Thanks to your Lightflows team for your help. You were a great tech partner for non-technical founders.


In summary, we are thrilled to witness the next chapter of HomeViews with Rightmove and look forward to the new possibilities this partnership will bring. Lightflows remains committed to supporting innovative startups on their path to success.

If you’re interested in learning how we can assist your startup, don’t wait to get in touch. Here’s to future innovations and successful collaborations.

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