Backend Development, APIs and Services

Apps connect users for sharing photos, videos, messages and more.

To accomplish this, they rely on servers and software services to move this data around. Backend development can be the unseen backbone or software layer which glues our apps together.

In some cases apps have a publicly available front-end. Facebook is a good example of this. You take, share and comment on photos and these are instantly available on the web-based version of Facebook. Backend development makes this happen.

Lightflows understand and produce these systems. And in conjunction with our web design and development team, we provide a wide variety of services to support and partner your apps.


APIs, short for Application Programming Interfaces are a set of protocols, routines and tools for building software applications. They allow separate systems to communicate with each other, securely sending, transferring and receiving information. An API allows other systems or programmes to connect and retrieve information in a secure and controlled way, minimising the security risks.

API Development

Lightflows have delivered many software systems API’s. We can advise, produce specifications and deliver fully functioning web and internet based services.

Typical uses can include user authentication and logins from an app; the uploading and retrieving of photos and videos; or simply sharing information to a social service such as Facebook or Twitter.

API Integration

At Lightflows we regularly integrate the client’s website or app with information from other systems. Projects range from simply retrieving weather information for a service such as Yahoo weather and displaying it on a website; right through to connecting user authentication databases and management systems together.

Content Management System Integration

Apps connect users for sharing photos, videos, messages and more.

If an app or product requires regular management and updating we have a variety of solutions to help. Sometimes a project requires a custom backend or administration interface. In this instance we will usually use Ruby On Rails to build a backend. In some cases though, it can make sense to use an existing off-the-shelf system or product.

We use popular open-source products such as Drupal, Contentful and WordPress; and we can integrate either of these systems with your app. This is particularly beneficial if you’re already using these systems to power your business website. Drupal in particular has strong CMS ability and can integrate with many systems. This can include sending and receiving data to and from an app and also:

  • User authentication, account updates and approvals
  • Product and content delivery for apps
  • Photo sharing, sending and receiving
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