Android Development

Google’s Android is the go-to operating system for app developers around the world. Like Apple’s iOS, Android runs on many devices including phones, tablets and watches, known as Android Wear.

Lightflows are an experienced Android development company. We have an in-house team with a complete understanding of the Android ecosystem and devices. Unlike Apple’s operating system which can only run on Apple hardware, Android runs on thousands of devices built by many manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG.

Because Lightflows build apps for both Android and iOS, you can rest assured that we can deliver your product or idea seamlessly to the largest share of mobile devices. Having cross-platform capability in-house also means that we can reduce the costs of development, as our designers and developers can share assets such as design elements, assets and code.

Native Android Phone Apps

The ubiquity of Android apps is compelling. With its colourful operating system names such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Lolly Pop, it’s a great platform for your app ideas or businesses designed for mobile technology. With an 80% market share, Android trounces the competition in terms of unit sales.

Lightflows Android development team develop native Android applications using the Java programming language. Our experience covers the games, retail, insurance and automotive industries. With a complete understanding of the major Android phone brands and sizes, we know how to deliver the best user experience to your customers, whatever the device.

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Android Wear

We simply love new tech and gadgets and the the recently released Android Wear ushers in a new world of technology just waiting to be exploited by aspiring entrepreneurs. Like the Apple Watch, this new Android category of wearables come packed with cool features such as heart rate monitors, accelerometers, temperature sensors and GPS.

As with Android phones and tablets, developers have greater access to the hardware than with the Apple devices and we’ve been busy exploring what is possible. We’d love the share the results with you.

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