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If you want to see results, your business needs a winning website. As a Drupal Development Agency, you can trust that we’ll create just that.

Drupal is a robust open-source framework for developing websites. Its powerful features and extensive community support have made it fast become a developer favourite.

Lightflows is an experienced Drupal Development Agency. We have over 20 years of combined Drupal development. During this time, we have written thousands of lines of code that have translated into beautiful websites.

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Lightflows loves Drupal

While Drupal works really well for small sites, it excels for larger projects where more complex functionalities are required. Due to its system of modules, features can be plugged together to create bespoke applications and websites. This modular nature reduces the amount of custom code which needs to be written, delivering more functionality in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

How we can help

Lightflows are one of the UK’s leading Drupal developers with a portfolio of large projects under our belts. We develop and maintain large Drupal web applications for businesses with high-tech needs, including those in the FinTech, Science Tech and Property Tech industries.

Unlike other companies, we don’t outsource our Drupal development work. Instead, we manage every project in-house as this delivers the best results.

We offer end-to-end design, development, delivery, hosting and consultancy services for our Drupal projects. These services cover:

  • Site architecture and module selection
  • Theme development
  • Integration with 3rd party services, such as user authentication or payment systems
  • Drupal SEO
  • Drupal performance tuning
  • Drupal code reviews
Surrey Research Park website running on a Macbook pro

Our speciality

We have over 20 years of combined Drupal experience and, in that time, we’ve created many solutions for our clients. This means that we have a range of tools that you won’t find elsewhere. These include:

  • Integrated media handling with drag and drop
  • Powerful shortcodes for advanced content formatting and media embedding

Our clients will vouch that the Drupal sites we build are second to none. Our attention to detail and ongoing support is what keeps our current clients close and attracts new ones.

Find out what we can offer today.

Surrey Research Park website running on two iPads

Drupal modules

Through its modules, Drupal provides a wide range of powerful add-ons. Be it an e-commerce store, a blog promoting your ideas and products or a full community-based website that allows users to subscribe and add their own content, Drupal is up to the challenge.

Drupal theme development

Our Drupal Theming department has excellent UX skills and we pay particular attention to providing semantic, clean HTML5 markup.

One of the groans we hear in the Drupal community is that themes are bloated and overloaded with markup and CSS. We’ve worked hard to resolve these issues as we realised long ago that, the more streamlined the underlying code, the better the site would perform. This gives users a better experience and can help your website rank better in Google.

Blazing-fast Drupal hosting

For high-performing Drupal websites, we use and recommend Acquia hosting. From our experience, Acquia provides the most reliable and scalable cloud hosting.

White Label Drupal Development and Project Rescue

If you have a project that has gone off-track or don’t have in-house Drupal experience, we can help with our white label services.

We have rescued a number of projects to date and are more than happy to take on more.

For more information about your web design project requirements and how Lightflows can help your business succeed, contact us.

Upgrading Drupal and Drupal version end-of-life

Do you have a Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 website that needs upgrading?

We can help upgrade your system to the latest version of Drupal 9.

For more information on upgrading, see our Drupal update guide: Upgrading Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 or Drupal 9.

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