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We know that a well-crafted website will deliver results for your business. We provide a wide range of web design services to help you do just that.

Whether you are a start-up planning your first product or an established eCommerce business looking to launch a B2B website, we’re here to help. We offer a complete end-to-end service from consultancy, planning, design, and development to hosting and support. With absolutely no hard sell and an inquisitive can-do attitude, we’ll make your next project a success.

Bespoke Web Design Service

Each project starts as a blank canvas; we never sell off-the-shelf designs. Instead, each website is hand-crafted to match the objectives of your business. To get there, our experienced designers work with you to produce sketches, wireframes and mockups and interactive prototypes to realise your ideas. Then, if your project requires it, we’ll develop customer profiles and user journeys to help guide visitors to where you need them to go. The result is a digital masterpiece that delivers results and impresses your clients.

Content Managed Websites

Nearly all our created websites use a content management system (CMS) such as Drupal or WordPress, which give you, the business owner, control over most aspects of the website. This can include editing pages, uploading and managing media and documents, curating and selling products with an eCommerce system or simply writing a blog. The possibilities are endless.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a design concept to suit all devices. It aims to provide the best viewing experience for your customers on any device.

We can adapt and rearrange your site content to fit this design approach best. This will give your customers the best experience, whether they’re on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Mobile-First Websites

Responsive design is essential to search engines too. For example, Google now recognises if your site is mobile friendly and will highlight that to potential visitors in search results.

At Lightflows, we use a mobile-first approach to responsive design. We deliver the best experience on the smallest devices, progressively enhancing the user experience as the screen gets larger.

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Website User Experience (UX)

Deliver a great user experience to your online customers, and you’ll deliver outstanding results for your business.

At Lightflows, we look at things differently and from many angles. We explore what your customers and visitors want, do, find and interact with on your website. The analysis of business processes on your website informs all aspects of the design and delivery. Everything, from button colours to messages in your calls-to-actions, is considered. These all contribute to how your customers will interact with your site.

Website User Journeys

User journeys are fundamental to understanding how your customer will navigate, find and interact with your website.
By planning user journeys and designing your site in a way that delivers to your audience, we can increase the value your online business offers.

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Web Hosting

We have a range of hosting solutions to suit businesses of all sizes. From entry-level plans to large, enterprise-scale deployments with load balancers, we’re sure to have the hosting architecture which suits you.

Content Delivery

A CDN or Content Delivery Network will make your website run faster by offloading the serving of content, such as images and other media, to another service. This lets your webserver handle the webpages whilst the CDN gets on with the other stuff. Of course, if your site has particular needs, such as video hosting, we can also recommend and set up services.

Website Performance Tuning

You only have milliseconds to engage with your customers. Therefore, we take website performance seriously and have a range of tools and technologies for improving website performance. This can include caching technologies such as Redis, Memcache and Varnish. We also employ server-side monitoring tools such as NewRelic to hunt down and fix bottlenecks or resource issues.

Website Uptime Monitoring

Online means what it says, and we recommend uptime monitoring with all hosting packages to quickly alert our technical team if a site becomes unavailable.

Website Support and Maintenance

We’ve got your back. After your site has gone live, we offer a variety of technical support packages and extra training to help you get the best out of your site.

We’re on hand either by telephone or via the ticketing system to help with your ongoing needs. In addition, our maintenance step ensures that your site is always kept up to date and secure.

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