Types of software maintenance your business needs and why

Lines of software code

The bespoke software development process doesn’t end once we’ve deployed your software. In fact, a lot of work goes into looking after your software from the moment it’s deployed. Whether your product’s users run into unforeseen bugs or the software framework itself needs updating, software maintenance is inevitable. That’s where different types of software maintenance …

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The benefits of a bespoke web portal for your business

A man looking at an the HomeViews portal on an iPad

As stakeholder needs continue to expand and change, so do the ways businesses try to address their needs. As such, the demand for bespoke client portals and bespoke employee portals has increased dramatically in recent years. A bespoke web portal is a great way to address your stakeholders’ specific needs in a single place. Whether …

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How test-driven development improves your software’s quality

Agile software development involves many iterative and collaborative practices to ensure you receive a valuable software solution. Test-driven development is one of those practices. Over the years, the Lightflows software engineering team have built many software products using this approach with great success. So, when we’re discussing the strategies of your software project, we might …

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Hybrid work collaboration in software development

Team member Hannah collaborating with Lightflows client HomeViews via Slack

It’s a given that hybrid work is the future. Where so many businesses have adopted a hybrid work model in the last two years, many hybrid working advantages have surfaced. And now, according to an Economist Impact report from October 2021, over 75% of workers believe hybrid work will be standard practice for most organisations …

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How the discovery phase benefits your stakeholders

Post-it notes stuck on meeting room windows during the discovery phase

The discovery phase is a hugely beneficial step within the software development process if you’re after a high-quality solution to your business needs. It’s a chance for you to pitch your ideas and understand how the software development company you’ve chosen will work with you. For example, at Lightflows, we take an agile discovery phase …

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Why is typography so important in digital branding?

A open book showing pages on typography

Did you know, based on a Stanford University study, 75% of consumers judge a business based on its website design? That’s why it’s vital to make informed decisions about all aspects of your brand, from logo design to typography. Typography plays a huge role in shaping a brand’s identity, so when developing marketing sites, graphic …

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How much does bespoke software development cost?

A person using a MacBook and holding a credit card

According to Statista, over 83% of UK businesses are online. With so much competition, it’s no wonder that business owners are always on the lookout for ways to stand out in today’s digital landscape. A great way to achieve this? Bespoke software development. It’s a given that custom software offers more flexibility, scalability and a …

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Giveaway: Receive a Sketch Library Diagram Kit!

A diagram of a flow design for the Lightflows Sketch Giveaway

Are you a high-tech company with brilliant ideas? Do you need a creative way to communicate your brand message? Would you like to receive this for FREE? If so, then look no further than our free Sketch Library Diagram Kit! Keep reading to more about our diagram kit and how to get yours below (it’s …

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