How Voice Technology Is Disrupting Business

Voice activation technology | Google home

If you’ve ever answered the phone to an automated sales call, you might be forgiven for having a poor opinion of voice technology. In reality, voice recognition is an emerging technology growing in user base, supported hardware and integrations, and (most importantly) ability. We thought we’d explore what improving voice technology means for us as …

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Gutenberg: A WordPress Revolution

Laptop with WordPress Open | Gutenberg

Over the years, WordPress has undergone countless changes, updates and patches. Gutenberg, however, has already made a name for itself as the editor with the power to either make or break the popular CMS. So, let’s dive in and explore how Gutenberg could forever change how we manage, upload and create content online. What Is …

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Need For Speed: The Importance Of Loading Times

Man on Computer Looking At Google Analytics | SEO Company

You may already be aware that page load speed is extremely important for user experience, especially on mobile. However, did you know that it also affects SEO? As it is a competitive search engine, Google wants its users to have the best possible experience; for this reason, Google punishes websites with slow loading times. To …

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Social Media For Business: Getting Started

Phone with apps displayed | social media marketing

Social media is a vital element of modern day marketing and brand awareness. Its speed and flexibility offers a unique way for businesses to communicate with their target audiences, and allows us to gain real insight into our customer base. If you choose to engage in social media marketing, you will quickly find that there …

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Announcement: Lightflows Is Officially A Google Partner!

Lightflows Google Partners - Digital Marketing

In 2005, Google launched GAP, or in other words Google Advertising Professionals. Over the years the certification has changed and evolved into what it is today, Google Partners. The qualification serves the same purpose as it did 13 years ago: to certify individuals and digital marketing agencies who had successfully completed Google AdWords training, such …

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The Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Finding new ways to increase engagement; better business performance; and have more flexibility in getting results; are all business goals we continue to pursue on a daily basis. One way of achieving these goals is through implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your website. What is an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)? AMP is an open-source initiative …

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Luis Joins Lightflows

We’d like to give a big Lightflows ‘Hola’ and warm welcome to our new member of the team, Luis. He’s not long moved over from Spain and we’re happy to have him as our new Backend Web Developer. Maybe he can teach us all a bit of Spanish too. To get to know him, we …

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The 5 S Model: Business Benefits of Having a Custom App

Over 2 billion people worldwide have access to a smartphone. Therefore, Mobile Applications are a quick and easy tool for your businesses to communicate with customers. Especially if the majority of your customers fall into the above 2 billion bracket. However, one of the main decisions you may face with mobile applications is whether to …

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