A Few Wise Words Book launch

Monday saw the launch of a fascinating new book featuring 22 well-known contributors including British Olympians, fashion entrepreneurs, industry greats and philanthropists. The book, compiled and edited by Peter Mukherjee, A Few Wise Words, features insights, personal stories and anecdotes from these each of the contributors of their real-life success. A practical guide for young …

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Lightflows add to their quality assurance team

Lightflows welcome Harvey Massey-Ayling to the Lightflows team in a quality assurance role.  One of a number of new hires this year, Harvey joined the team in August. Having recently added Unity development to our services, the scale and complexity of our projects have increased. Harvey joins the growing team, helping bolster our testing services to …

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UCA Virtual website launches

July has seen a number of product and website launches, and with students around the United Kingdom graduating, we’re incredibly proud to share our work in collaboration with the University for the Creative Arts launching not one, but two virtual experience sites,  Online Graduation Shows and Virtual Open Days The  University for the Creative Arts …

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Virtual Worlds – Adapting and innovating in lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on all of our lives, both personal and professional. As a digital agency and software development company, we’ve been able to adapt pretty well to the changes and, for the most part, the business has continued running as usual. With many businesses facing tough times, we recognise …

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The Benefits of Automated Acceptance Testing

Quality is paramount – Quality assurance can only be delivered by thorough process and product testing.  Testing takes time and effort and adds costs to projects, but is something we absolutely recommend to clients and something we at Lightflows build into our product and software development cycle. For a complex or business-critical web application the …

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What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps, otherwise known as PWAs, are web pages or websites specifically designed to look and behave like native mobile apps. They are built to be responsive, high functioning, and to create a smooth user experience. The concept was first introduced by Google in 2015 and has become an entirely new software development paradigm. …

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How Voice Technology Is Disrupting Business

Voice activation technology | Google home

If you’ve ever answered the phone to an automated sales call, you might be forgiven for having a poor opinion of voice technology. In reality, voice recognition is an emerging technology growing in user base, supported hardware and integrations, and (most importantly) ability. We thought we’d explore what improving voice technology means for us as …

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Gutenberg: A WordPress Revolution

Laptop with WordPress Open | Gutenberg

Over the years, WordPress has undergone countless changes, updates and patches. Gutenberg, however, has already made a name for itself as the editor with the power to either make or break the popular CMS. So, let’s dive in and explore how Gutenberg could forever change how we manage, upload and create content online. What Is …

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Need For Speed: The Importance Of Loading Times

Man on Computer Looking At Google Analytics | SEO Company

You may already be aware that page load speed is extremely important for user experience, especially on mobile. However, did you know that it also affects SEO? As it is a competitive search engine, Google wants its users to have the best possible experience; for this reason, Google punishes websites with slow loading times. To …

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