Why we love Laravel 

Since its inception in 2011, Laravel has steadily become the web framework of choice for experienced web artisans when building high-quality digital products: ours included. Lightflows are one of the leading Laravel development agencies. We pride ourselves on delivering advanced digital solutions for our clients that derive from a careful assessment of their needs through multiple workshops, discussions and reviews. With our in-house team of talented thinkers, developers and designers, Laravel enables us to bring our missions and visions to life. There are many reasons why the framework has positioned itself as a developer favourite; here, we explain why it’s one of ours.

What is Laravel?

For those unfamiliar, Laravel is a web application framework that strives to deliver an excellent developer experience. Its expressive, elegant syntax allows for the creation of an enjoyable product at every touchpoint. It is also open-source, enabling developers from across the globe to contribute to its continuous growth by creating modules and capabilities that enhance the framework. As the prominence of technology and smartphone use only continues to rise, Laravel has become the go-to for building modern, full-stack applications that promote a seamless user experience.

An image of a Laravel development project

Our approach to using Laravel

At the onset of every partnership with our clients, we carefully assess their needs before concluding which systems we will use to build their product. As a result, Laravel has increasingly become our primary system of choice due to its endless benefits, which sets it apart from its competitors. Just some of its features include:

  • MVC architecture. Laravel’s model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern defines the clarity between the logic (model), interface (view) and actions (controller) of the product, improving its overall performance and documentation readability.
  • ORM and database layer. Eloquent – Laravel’s ORM (object-relational mapper) – allows you to attach a ‘model’ to each database table, making interaction with every element of your database easy and enjoyable.
  • Template engineering. Through Laravel’s built-in template engine Blade, you can create class-based components that can be reused anywhere in the application, saving time in the overall development process.
  • Guaranteed security. Laravel’s advanced security features – which protect sites from hackers and cybercriminals – are easy to configure, giving business owners peace of mind knowing that their and their customer’s data will be safe and secure.
  • Third-party integration. As most sites need to integrate with a third-party application, like Stripe for payments or HubSpot for marketing, Laravel makes integration easy through its clean Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

As a user experience, security and third-party integration are usually paramount to the client, these features only make Laravel an even easier option. What’s more, its effective ORM and database layer and template engineering make for a smoother development process for our talented in-house team, serving benefits all-round.

Laravel in action: Example projects

Among our portfolio of prestigious projects, many use Laravel at their core. Below are some examples of projects that are built on Laravel and why:

  • Luxury Restaurant Guide. In auditing the former Luxury Restaurant Guide (LRG) website, we were presented with an overabundance of systems that the team were using day-to-day to manage their product. Therefore, for the redevelopment, we selected Laravel, given its ability to integrate with such systems. We also proceeded to develop the mobile application of LRG, using Laravel again as a result of the success of the website.
  • HomeViews Streets. For the backend interface of HomeViews Streets, the extension of HomeViews, we opted for Laravel as we trusted that it would ensure the product’s robustness. As a minimum viable product (MVP), the HomeViews team can continue to use Laravel as their product grows, which it undoubtedly will, given the success of their primary offering.
  • Self-Learn Read and Spell. When Self-Learn approached us, their previous website was running on Adobe ColdFusion. Although not retired like Adobe Flash on which their in-app games were built, we felt that the platform needed an entire technological refresh. Therefore, we re-engineered their backend system with Laravel Nova – an administration panel for Laravel – given its renown for encouraging developer productivity.

From these projects, it is evident that we do not make our choices aimlessly; the clients’ needs always inform our decision on whether we should adopt Laravel. Nonetheless, these are prime examples of Laravel’s complete flexibility and ability to deliver advanced digital solutions for every project.

Laravel Development Agency. Let Lightflows make it happen

We’re always keen to collaborate with new businesses. With our expertise in programmes like Laravel, rest assured we can make something incredible. So, if you need to hire expert Laravel developers, get in touch with us by filling in our contact form, calling us on 01483 688480 or at [email protected], and we can make it happen. Want to see more of our unique creations? Check them out here.