Lightflows London trip

At Lightflows, team building and socialisation are encouraged, with a monthly team day on the first Friday of each month. With our recent trip, we spent a day in London at our new office and explored some of the city’s sites. Here’s what we got up to.

London office

The team gathered at our London office, conveniently located near the Southbank and a great spot for our planned activities; a visit to the Tate Modern, followed by lunch in Convent Garden. For some of us, this was the first chance to see the new office in person and we found that it exceeded our expectations. The space features numerous meeting rooms, breakout areas, and greenery, creating a fresh and modern atmosphere. Some unique features in the office include hanging chairs and a ping pong table, providing an enjoyable atmosphere. I can confirm the hanging chairs are as comfy as they look! 

Before heading out,  we had a brief update to catchup on our growth plans for the year, this was a great opportunity to share progress on everyone’s plans and initiatives. 

The Tate Modern

After a quick wander along the river,  we arrived at the Tate Modern. As a creative company, London’s contemporary art scene provided a great environment to explore together. We enjoyed lots of great artwork, and discussing our interpretations of the art was interesting. One artwork that generated discussion was the Fred Wilson piece featuring flags representing twentieth-century African history. The artwork was presented in black and white, allowing the team to enjoy the challenge of identifying countries represented by flags. I want to say we did pretty well, but there were definitely a few tricky ones!

Another notable piece was Babel, a tower of radios created by the artist Cildo Meireless. A large tower of hundreds of second-hand radios was stacked together, playing various stations. The room was lit in indigo blue light, enhancing the atmosphere. The team found this piece to be unique and exciting, prompting reflection on the role of noise in art.

Covent Garden

After strolling through the Tate Modern, we worked up an appetite and decided to have lunch at Caravan – a restaurant in Covent Garden. This was an excellent chance to chat and learn more about each other while enjoying great food. The standout dish for everyone was the cauliflower starter; who would have thought? With a few more new faces sitting around the table, it was a great opportunity for team bonding.

Following our meal, we visited the market in Covent Garden, where some team members experienced it for the first time. There were many great things to see at Covent Garden, including live music and the Apple shop (all of our tech team wanted to go here), which is a must-visit for us in the tech industry.

After a busy day of exploring, we stopped for a coffee at Covent Garden before returning home. The lively atmosphere of the popular tourist spot was a welcome change, giving everyone a chance to relax and unwind.

The takeaway

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Overall, Lightflows London trip was a huge success. We had a great time exploring the city and visiting our new office. Time away from our computers and the opportunity to get to know our colleagues better was a great experience. In addition, we are already looking forward to our next monthly team day.

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