Wearables and Nearables – The internet of things
The future just got a little closer. iBeacon manufacturer – Estimote – just launched a new range of tiny iBeacons which can be attached to personal belongings and other items. With a beacon attached, these items can be identified by apps, bringing the Internet of things just that little bit closer.

See the Estimote’s video below.

Lightflows iBeacon services for iOS and Android apps

Lightflows have been working with Beacons since they first emerged about a year ago. For the full low down see our previous article here. Apple iBeacons – First impressions

We’re stoked to see these new mini beacons launched and have just pre-ordered ours. The timing is perfect as we are shortly to announce a new beacon service of our own. Stay tuned.

Estimote Beacon stickers

If you have any beacon related queries be sure to get in touch – we can already add iBeacon support to any apps for iOS and Android, get in touch.

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