Tired of every blog post you read starting with the phrase “technology is ever-changing”? Well, we’re afraid you’re going to have to get used to it – because it’s true.

These days, new technology occurs at lightning speed, so it’s hard to keep up with the latest top technology trends. However, here at Lightflows, we pride ourselves on staying in the loop by following tech leaders like TechCrunch and Gartner.

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Each year, Gartner – a world-leading research technology company – gathers a list of top technology trends that are crucial to business success. Of Gartner’s 12, we picked 7 of our favourite top technology trends and put them into a list just for you.

With that, here are 7 top technology trends to watch in 2022:

Trend 1: Composable applications

Firstly, the top technology trend to watch in 2022 is composable applications.

Composable applications refer to the functional blocks of an application that developers can detach from complete applications.

With composable applications, software engineers can use – and reuse – code to create a new application with better functionality and purpose, accelerating time to market for new software solutions.

Trend 2: Generative artificial intelligence (AI)

The next technology trend to watch in 2022 is generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Generative AI refers to using machine learning methods to learn new insights about content or objects from their data and using said data to generate original, realistic artefacts.

Generative AI has a range of excellent capabilities, from creating code to targeted marketing, contributing to business growth.

Trend 3: Cloud-native platforms

Another technology trend to look out for next year is cloud-native platforms (CNPs).

CNPs allow you to design, build and run agile applications that take full advantage of the cloud service model.

Rather than focusing on the “lift and shift” approach to the cloud, CNPs allow developers to make high-impact changes in response to rapid digital transformation.

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Trend 4: Distributed enterprises

Fourth on our list of top technology trends of 2022 is distributed enterprises.

As hybrid working practices continue to rise after the effects of COVID-19, more and more businesses are capitalising on transforming into a digital-first, remote-first business model, otherwise known as a digital enterprise.

By 2023, Gartner predicts that 75% of organisations that embrace distributed enterprises will realise revenue growth 25% faster than their competition.

Trend 5: Cybersecurity mesh

Then, another tech trend to watch in 2022 is cybersecurity mesh.

Nowadays, your data is everywhere. This means the traditional security perimeter no longer exists. Hence the demand for a cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA).

The CSMA provides an integrated security solution for securing all data assets. By 2024, organisations adopting the CSMA will help reduce the financial impact of security breaches by 90%.

Trend 6: Data fabric

Our sixth top technology trend of 2022 is data fabric.

We know our data is everywhere, so the desire to access it has become even more prevalent.

Data fabrics provide a flexible, resilient integration of data sources across platforms and business users to make accessing and managing data easy. They can also use analytics to learn and actively recommend where data should be used and changed.

According to Gartner, the top-performing hyperautomation teams focus on improving the quality of work, speeding up processes and enhancing decision-making.

Trend 7: Total experience (TX)

Finally, our last top technology trend to watch in 2022 is total experience (TX).

Today, the key to a successful business is providing valuable experiences. TX is a business strategy that considers every possible touchpoint to accelerate growth.

From employee experience to customer experience to user experience, every stakeholder’s satisfaction with and loyalty to the business are equally crucial to its success.

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Concluding thoughts on the top technology trends of 2022

So, there you have it – the top technology trends to watch in 2022!

All in all, these tech trends will encourage CEOs to accelerate their digital capabilities, propel organisational change and drive business growth.

Which technology trend are you most looking forward to (continue) emerging in 2022?

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