Lightflows are a leading React.js Development Agency

As a React.js Development Agency, we have years of experience developing web, software and apps for businesses with high-tech needs. We’ve quickly established ourselves as one of the leading digital agencies in the UK, with React at the heart of many of our success stories.

Here at Lightflows, we create robust, innovative apps designed to meet your business needs. React’s reusable components help us to build apps faster and offer an easy-to-maintain codebase for years to come.

We embrace component-based design as part of our philosophy. Component-based design has many benefits, including creating a system of reusable components, making managing complex builds easier. React helps us to achieve this through its seamless component-based architecture.

This page explains the benefits of React and why it’s so popular within the developer community, but not before introducing you to the software.

What is React.js Software Development?

React.js is a free, open-source JavaScript library created in 2013 by Meta (formerly Facebook) for building fast and interactive user interfaces.

The software is ideal for single-page applications and native mobile apps, making it highly efficient and flexible for individuals and agencies alike.

React is responsible for the application’s view layer. In Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, the view layer refers to how the app looks and feels.

As the software is component-based, each component has a unique property and function. For example, a website’s header image, search bar and photo gallery are separate components, making them easier to debug and maintain.

Why a React.js Development Agency?

React is a lightweight, scalable framework that focuses on high performance. Even with dynamic content, such as Lottie animations, React provides a fast, responsive user experience.

With a React Development Agency, you can be confident that we will build a robust product using React’s reusable interfaces and deliver it in a fast, effective manner.

What are the benefits of React.js?

There are many reasons why React.js has become a developer favourite, including:

  • Reusable components. As well as having unique properties and functions, React components are reusable throughout applications. Such reusable components dramatically speed up development time, so your high-quality app will be ready before you know it.
  • It enables web and mobile app development. Again, React is a very flexible tool for creating single-page and mobile applications. With React Native, a subsidiary of React, developers can build beautiful mobile apps for Android, iOS, macOS and others.
  • Improved performance. React uses the Virtual Document Object Model (VDOM), an ideal UI representation kept in memory and synced with the ‘real’ Document Object Model (DOM). Therefore, web applications can run much faster and dramatically improve development time.
  • SEO-friendly. Because React can run on the server, it renders and returns the VDOM to the browser as a regular webpage. As a result, React-built applications can appear in search engine results, so be sure to optimise your content like you would on any other platform.
  • Unidirectional data flow. React follows a unidirectional data flow, meaning developers often nest child components within parent components. A single direction for data flow makes it easier to debug any errors within the application should they occur.

React.js maintenance and ongoing support

As part of our software development process, we offer maintenance and ongoing support to all our clients; that’s what makes every partnership so unique.

The same goes for React applications. If we’ve built your application using React or React Native, we’re here to support you after the fact.

Whether you want to make incremental changes to your application or need a rebrand, we’re here to help.

Want to work with a React Development Agency? We’ve got you covered. Contact us, and we’ll be in touch to start something incredible.

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