The challenge

Giving the fans even more

Noel Fitzpatrick is The Supervet. Now in its third season, his fly-on-the-wall documentary is a massive hit with pet lovers all over the globe.

To coincide with the second season of The Supervet TV Show on Channel 4, Lightflows produced an easy-to-use, content-managed website.


The solution

An online hub for pet lovers

Fans love the Supervet and the website gives them more in-depth information on all the stories that appear on the programme. The site also pulls together all the social media activity around the show so it can be consumed in one place.

To build the website, WordPress was chosen for its speed, easy use and flexibility. The media team at Fitzpatrick Referrals can now bring real-time updates to the website and answer questions as the show airs.

The show attracts many viewers per episode and the website receives massive amounts of traffic. Lightflows consulted and put in place the necessary architecture to handle the high volume of website traffic throughout the shows, thus avoiding the Dragon’s Den effect, where small sites crash under the weight of the incoming traffic.

The results

If you haven’t heard of The Supervet, where have you been?

The show is an amazing success and we think the website that keeps fans up to date complements it perfectly.

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