Apps vary enormously in scale and scope; from small to-do list apps, all the way up to social media experiences such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

To help us answer the question “How much is an app?” we need to know what type of app you want and who will use it.

We have prepared a simple set of questions that should only take a few minutes to complete but will give us a much better understanding of your requirements.
The more information that you can supply, the better our understanding of the app requirements.

We understand, as a preliminary enquiry you may not have all the details defined, so if you’re unsure of an answer, just write ‘not sure’ or ‘need more information’ and we’ll be happy to advise. This questionnaire is for prospective customers only, please do not share or distribute it with other agencies.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to discussing the project in more detail shortly.

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