Apps vary enormously in scale and scope; from small to-do list apps, all the way up to social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram experience.

To help us answer the question “How much is an app?” we need to know what type of app you want and who will use it.

We have prepared a simple set of questions that should on take a few minutes to complete, but will give us a much better understanding of your requirements. The more information that you can supply, the more accurate the estimate.

We understand, as a preliminary enquiry you may not have all the details defined, so if you’re unsure of an answer, just write ‘not sure’ or ‘need more information’ and we’ll be happy to advise.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to providing an estimate in due course.

Mobile app questionnaire

  • About your app

  • Is this a B2B or consumer app?
  • Please tick all that apply
  • Please choose an option
  • So we can quantify the size of the app, please can you describe how many screens or pages it will have.
  • What will the app need to do? Examples could include: Allow customers to send feedback. Upload photos, Chat with our service team. The more detail, the better.
  • Will your team need to edit and update content on the app? Will the app send data or information back to the team? How will they do this? If you need advice on this section, please note.
  • This could include taking payments for goods or services such as membership by credit card, debit card or payment services such as PayPal, Apple Pay or similar
  • This could include push notifications or email messages, for example: A welcome email message when somebody signups or a notification when something happens in the app. Please provide details.
  • About your project, company and team

    • Who is the Project Owner?
    • What are the decision making stages?
    • Who needs to be consulted at what stage to move from Ideation, to prototype, to build, to test, to release?
    • Who are you going to work with post launch?
  • Is it linked to any other activity (a big product launch) or tied into a seasonal campaign? This helps us plan backwards an factors in the process of releasing the app for testing, preparation and submission to the app store
  • What are the outside dependencies that could affect the timescales? Are there other systems or projects that need to be built before we can complete our work?
    • Mobile projects can be difficult to budget or estimate, to scope the project ideally we need at least to work to a range.
    • If no budget information is available, please provide an idea of what you think an app like this might cost.
    • Defining the scope of work is also really important. It not just about the physical build.
    • You may need to consider budget for researching the app, competitors, key functions that users will highly value.
    • This will guide you on what the first release (or minimum viable product) NEEDS to have for the app to be market ready.
    • Have you considered the ongoing costs to maintain the app?
    • These could include hosting costs, ongoing optimisation of the app, on-boarding and in app use, discovery optimisation, push notification service and managing scaling the back-end systems as app user grows.
  • Is the mobile app an internal app to increase workforce efficiency?
  • Are there competitors or similar products?
  • Are there corporate guidelines that the mobile app layout and screen designs need to conform to? Are there constraints on how it can appear in the app store.
    • Are there systems we need to integrate with?
    • Is there an existing infrastructure it needs to plug into?
    • Are there any other vendors that the app needs to integrate with (salesforce, SharePoint, HubSpot etc).
    • Will you need us to build a system for managing user accounts and communications?
  • Measuring the performance of your app may be important to you. We will normally install analytics to measure KPIs. You may have some requirements you'd like to share. Examples include:
    • How many downloads?
    • How many users that download are actually fully installing?
    • How many active users you have (is this growing)?
    • What features are being used the most?
    • How frequently is the app being used?
    • For how long (use session length)?
    • How many transactions (sales) have completed?
  • Please add any notes.