Perhaps what makes Lightflows different from other agencies is our deep experience of photography and photographic services.

With a number of photographers in the team, we understand the power of photography in marketing and what makes a great picture; be it colour, contrast or composition. We have an in-house lighting studio which is perfectly suited to product or portrait photography. And we can also shoot video.

Our talents are not just limited to the studio though. We regularly undertake onsite, location and event photography for our clients adding pictures of premises or facilities. Although almost everyone has a camera phone these days, the value of well lit, properly photographed subjects cannot be underestimated.

Getting the Right Shot

With a wide range of cameras and lighting equipment, we have the right tools for the job. Included in our arsenal are a wide range of high-end digital SLRs such as a Canon 5d and Nikon D800. To get that right shot, we have the amazing Lightflows drone – the DJI Phatom 2 – that has video transmission so we can view what’s going on from afar. For time-lapse and specialist pictures, we use GoPro cameras.

Post Processing and Retouch

At our studio we have powerful post processing and editing tools. We offer both retouch and colour grading facilities for maximising the impact of the photography we take on your behalf. All photographs are shot in RAW format, the digital equivalent of a negative, as this gives us the greatest creative freedom in the editing process.

The benefits of our integrated photography services are many because we understand the target platform; be it website, marketing communication or app. We are able to optimise everything about the photograph; from its file size right down to the way it’s named to maximise website performance and gain SEO benefits.

Be sure to talk to us about your photography requirements.