We offer a range of digital branding and brand identity solutions to help you differentiate your company’s products and services, so your company can truly stand out and be recognised.

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Digital Branding

The scope, appearance and application of your brand today is broader than it’s ever been before. Appearing consistently across social media, web and a gamut of digital channels is essential, this is where we come in. We produce digital branding guidelines that will keep your business looking on point across the board. Furthermore, we for web and digital products, we can produce digital style guides and provide training so that your team can ensure the brand is implemented perfectly.

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Brand Guidelines

Investing time and money in developing a brand is crucial and once that’s done, it’s important to keep it strong. Consistency is key. Brand guidelines are a good way of controlling your brand identity and ensuring it doesn’t get diluted or used inappropriately. We develop clear guidelines that act as ‘guardians’ of your brand for internal communication and for service providers using your brand identity in their work.

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Brand Identity

A corporate identity quickly conveys your business values and USP for customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, prospects, the media and other stakeholders. A great corporate identity acts as a beacon in today’s saturated marketplace. It’s not just a logo! It’s reflected across your entire organisation: from signage and uniform to training manuals and email marketing. We can develop your brand mark, typography, photographic style, tone of voice, graphic marks and other elements to make your company stand out.

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Logo Design

Most companies need a logo to identify and differentiate their products or services. The Lightflows branding team designs and redesigns logos for start-ups, SMEs and large organisations. For new businesses, we can design logos from scratch. More established businesses may require an evolution of their logo to remain modern, relevant and clear. Others, going through significant change, may require a revolutionary update of their logo to ensure it represents the entire brand effectively. Whatever stage your business is at, we can help.

Brand Strategy

Why does your company exist? Why should your customers care? How can you engage your employees? Communicating your brand in a clever, effective and intelligent way is the key to happy, engaged and loyal customers and employees. People buy from people, but they also buy from organisations with similar values and beliefs. This is where your brand strategy, mission, values and USP come into play. We craft brand strategies that help clients achieve business goals

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