In the spirit of the exciting game announcements at E3 last week we wanted to share something with you…

Over the last few weeks we have been working on a quirky little html5 game called Vaccinate! It’s for the Veterinary Vaccinology Network who wanted an interactive way for young people to engage with the important work they do creating vaccines for livestock.

We’ve all enjoyed working on Vaccinate!

Video Game Design

Our design team have produced cute animal illustrations and game environments that even manage to soften the depiction of infected animals.


Nailing down the game logic involved a steep learning curve about the different aspects that go into creating a vaccine.  We wanted Vaccinate! to be an educational tool that was scientifically accurate, as well as fun to play.

Developing the Video Game

Then our developers built out the game with some awesome features – like a subtle reduction in the number of viruses floating around as you get closer to the perfect vaccine.


As a finishing touch we wanted to add some original sounds into the game. Everyone in the office gave their best impression of a pig, cow, sheep and even a fish (imagine lots of bubbling sounds.) Unfortunately no-one made the grade so we had to use some stock sound effects instead!

The game was showcased at The Cheltenham Science Festival, where budding vaccinologists took on four common livestock diseases – trying to create the ideal vaccine for each. It was a great success, engaging the kids and getting them interested in scientific research. The Veterinary Vaccinology Network and The Pirbright Institute will be using the game at upcoming events as well.

Great job vaccinologists!

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