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Lightflows’ PHP development services are at the forefront of digital innovation. With an expertise in back-end technology and our industry knowledge, our developers craft bespoke PHP applications. With impressive functionality and memorable user experiences, our solutions not only advance your digital presence but also accelerate your business growth. After all, it serves as the foundational technology for content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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What Lightflows does

We’re an award-winning digital product development company with offices in London and Guildford. We know our stuff – we’ve been delivering bespoke software solutions for brands with high-tech needs for over a decade.

Got a software product idea? Let us help you bring it to life with PHP. We offer an end-to-end development service and we consistently apply our proven methodology, leading you through each phase of development. Furthermore, with our commitment to delivering results, we can build you a dynamic application with PHP that will surpass your requirements.

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Ultimately, PHP is the powerhouse behind some of the most dynamic and interactive web applications out there. With its stand-out features and extensive libraries, PHP allows us to craft bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs in the backend and match it with the front-end technologies best suited to your project. It also makes for fast-loading, responsive apps for all devices that are great to use and can be scaled up as your business grows and traffic increases. In summary, from creating highly functional e-commerce platforms to developing engaging content management systems, PHP’s versatility and reliability make it the go-to choice for building cutting-edge web apps that drive businesses forward.

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Why Work with Lightflows PHP Developers

Business-Oriented Development

We tailor our PHP solutions to fit seamlessly with your company’s goals. In addition, our focus is on delivering smooth implementation, maintainability and a significant return on investment. We also keep up with the latest industry trends and practices to ensure your PHP application stands out.

Dedicated Project Manager

Undoubtedly, your PHP project is in great hands with your dedicated project manager, who keeps you in the loop every step of the way. We also make sure you’re involved in the process without drowning you in the details.

Consistent Communication

We keep the conversation flowing. Therefore, your feedback is crucial and we make sure to incorporate it throughout the process. You can also easily track the progress of your project in real time using our various communication tools.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Ultimately, your privacy is our priority. Before we dive into your project, we make sure to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep everything confidential. We take every step to ensure your data is secure and protected.

Proactive Risk Assessment & Rigorous Testing

We take security seriously. Therefore, before launch, we perform thorough risk assessments and rigorous testing to ensure optimal functionality and protection. Our standards follow the ISO 27001 for information management.

Trusted Digital Partner

Lightflows will be your trusted digital partner. Our skilled PHP engineers work with you closely therefore, maintaining transparency and clear communication throughout the software development process.

Our PHP development services

We’re excited to show you what PHP can do. As a PHP development company, our services include: custom PHP web applications, PHP cloud solutions development, API development and integration, migration and support and maintenance. Let’s get started.

Custom PHP Web Application Development

At Lightflows, our custom PHP back-end development services cater to your unique business needs. By leveraging the robust and flexible PHP framework, we craft tailor-made web applications that drive efficiency. These applications range from simple, content-driven sites to complex, feature-rich digital platforms. Our expert team of developers guarantees that your PHP web applications are scalable, secure, and easy to use, helping you achieve your digital objectives.

PHP Cloud Solutions Development

Whether you’re considering migrating your current systems to the cloud or embarking on a new PHP project in the cloud, our team is ready to bring your idea to life. We’ll streamline your operations and also strengthen your competitive edge by tapping into the vast potential of cloud computing. Additionally, our PHP developers excel in creating custom cloud-based web apps and integrating them with major platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, ensuring accessibility, security, and cost-efficiency.

API Development and Integration

Our API development and integration services establish well proportioned connections between your application and external platforms, ensuring smooth and efficient data exchange and operations. Whether you need the integration of third-party APIs into your platform or the development of custom APIs to expose your web services, our adept PHP developer team specialises in optimising communication to enhance user experience and streamline data flow.

PHP Migration

Does the upgrade or migration of your existing PHP application seem overwhelming? Let us take it off your hands. We undertake version upgrades, database migrations and platform shifts meticulously, minimising disruption to your business workflow. Hence when you hire our PHP developers, you can trust us to ensure a stress-free migration process, enabling you to take advantage of the latest PHP framework and technologies without any concerns. We also formulate a comprehensive migration plan, conduct thorough risk assessments and execute the process methodically and with tight security, for a successful transition.

PHP Maintenance and Support

We’re with you every step of the way. Even after your PHP web development project is complete, our commitment to your success continues. Moreover, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for your PHP application, including monitoring and timely updates, to guarantee the security, performance and current status of your digital assets, giving you peace of mind.

Lightflows have done a great job for HomeViews and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Olly McGinn

COO, Co-founder HomeViews

A big thank you to the whole team that worked with us to achieve this!


Peter Hamilton

CEO, 123 Sheets

I’ve collaborated the Lightflows team on several large-scale website projects and can recommend without hesitation.


Phil Wareham

Senior Designer

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Frequently asked PHP questions

PHP is recognised as one of the leading backend frameworks available. With its widespread adoption and continuous evolution, PHP is a popular choice for many businesses seeking scalable and efficient backend solutions. Got more questions about PHP? Let us answer them below.

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language renowned for its capability in creating dynamic web pages and robust web apps at the backend that enhance user experiences and engagement. It’s extensively used for a variety of tasks, including generating dynamic page content, processing form data, managing databases and also handling session tracking. PHP’s versatility extends to its ability to interact with various databases, manipulate files on the server and provide a secure and interactive user experience. Notably, PHP has been used to build content management systems like WordPress, e-commerce platforms such as Magento and popular social networking sites like Facebook, showcasing its adaptability across different web development domains.

PHP differentiates itself through its user-friendly syntax, making it accessible to developers at various skill levels. Therefore, its adaptability across different operating systems and web servers sets it apart from other programming languages.

The key features and benefits of PHP lie in its ability to rapidly build and deploy web applications, its cost effectiveness and the extensive support provided by its vibrant community. It also offers seamless integration with databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB facilitates efficient data management and retrieval. Furthermore, PHP’s extensive library of extensions also simplifies complex tasks, allowing developers to create feature-rich applications effortlessly.

Secure PHP development entails implementing robust validation and sanitization techniques. Staying updated with the latest security patches and adhering to secure coding practices are essential. Regular code audits and employing encryption methodologies further contribute to maintaining a secure PHP environment.

PHP’s is compatible with various frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, enabling the development of intricate and scalable web solutions. It also integrates with multiple databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB, enabling efficient data storage and retrieval. Platforms such as WordPress and Facebook rely on PHP’s robust capabilities. This underscores its versatility and widespread adoption in the digital landscape.

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