The Challenge

ChilliDrive is a young driver telematics insurance product from Northern Ireland insurers, Autoline.

The ChilliDrive app for iOS, Android and the social web-portal provides customer care and telematics applications which delivers benefits to young drivers. Lightflows were approached to develop these applications and the service layer which powers them.


The Solution

Involved from the beginning of the project, Lightflows produced app concepts from the very early stages as wireframes, moving these on as the project progressed into static prototypes to fully understand the application behaviour. Developing on both Android and iOS, iPhone platform in tandem, the applications pack a punch and offer many features.

At the core, the product is a driver telematics solution on the phone which replaces the need for a blackbox in the car. The app records GPS data whilst the car is moving and each trip a customer takes is analysed to produce a score. Many signals are analysed including acceleration and braking. The app incentivises young drivers to drive responsibly as they can reduce the cost of their policy, depending on how well they score. A social aspect is also introduced to the system by way of sharing trip scores. App users can opt-in to a public social profile on the accompanying website where their latest trips get shared.

This gasification aspect of the project is unique to the insurance space and we are proud to be innovating with the business in this market.

iBeacon Technology

One common challenge with app based telematics, is that the driver sometimes forgets to record the trip. For ChilliDrive, we eliminated this problem by issuing the drivers with a small iBeacon sensor. This small bluetooth device is placed in the car and left there. When the phone comes into range of the iBeacon, it automatically start the telematics trip recorder. This innovation is one of the first commercial uses of iBeacon of this sort in the market.

The Results

The ChilliDrive app is now in its second release and on both the Apple App Store and Google Play now. Both apps can be used in trial mode and there is no need to be a policy holder to try it.

With the social portal at this unique set of products is revolutionising the way we think about car insurance for young drivers.

ChilliDrive App on an iPhone
Chillidrive app on iPhone taking photo of a car with overlay

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