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Having a reputation for delivering successful projects in the Veterinary sector, such as The Supervet, Fitzpatrick Referrals and Aim OA, Lightflows were approached by veterinary imaging specialists Hallmarq to refresh their website thoroughly.

An award-winning global leader in innovative diagnostic imaging solutions for horses, cats and dogs, Hallmarq urged for a new and improved website that epitomised the technicality of their services in a modern, sophisticated manner.

The challenge

Making medicine modern

With the launch of their new website, Hallmarq’s primary goal was to expand internationally, particularly in the US. To achieve this, we communicated the need to modernise their brand image, redefine their SEO strategy and create coherent user experiences. Therefore, our talented design team established a design brief that was simple but effective; a blue and white colour theme with grey notes to connote the brand’s professionalism, calmness and integrity. We also implemented a circular motif across the site to add an artistic flair and symbolise their all-encompassing services for vets and pets.

Before progressing with the design and development of the website, we carefully reviewed Hallmarq’s current SEO performance and conducted a competitor analysis to identify opportunities for improvement. Our key findings suggested that Hallmarq must focus on maximising keywords to increase their reach, especially if they wanted to expand their market to the US, so we compiled a list of phrases and terminology that defined their business for them to consider.

The solution

Generating genuine leads

Following the recent launch of Q-Care, their world-class support programme for practising veterinarians worldwide, we also realised that it was imperative to highlight their services and success stories in an exciting yet informative manner.


As a result, the Lightflows development team built a lead-generating mechanism that demonstrated the value of their services: an MRI profit calculator. Clients can adjust the calculator according to their charge price, gaining insight into just how much they can save using Hallmarq’s services whilst still receiving premium quality.

The results

Sophistication and solutions

By defining a clear SEO strategy, establishing a sophisticated design brief and developing a clever tool for generating leads, we were able to deliver a beautiful website that showcases Hallmarq’s variety of solutions. Not only has our advice on maximising keywords resulted in significant traffic internationally, complementing the continued growth of their global team, but the MRI profit calculator has helped sell their Q-Care programme’s benefits. We are confident that the new Hallmarq website will only continue to support their team and clients.

Whether you’re a pet healthcare specialist or anyone in need of a new website or app, Lightflows can make it happen for you. Get in touch today and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to bring your ideas to life.

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