The challenge

A veterinary website like no other

Fitzpatrick Referrals is a veterinary referral practice like no other.

It’s owned and run by the renowned veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, a.k.a. The Supervet, and boasts a variety of high-tech surgical facilities and physiotherapy suites. In the last couple of years, life at the practice has been shared with the nation through the incredibly successful Channel 4 show, also called The Supervet.

The phenomenal success of the TV show has seen Fitzpatrick Referrals’ business growing massively and this includes traffic across all of its digital channels and the business as a whole now spans seven websites in total throughout the group. Continuing our long partnership with Fitzpatrick, Lightflows were drafted in to help reorganise and refocus the primary brand website, making it easier for its audience of pet owners, veterinary professionals and referring vets to find what they need.


The solution

From consultations to solutions

Through a series of meetings with key stakeholders in the business, including the in-house PR team, the various surgical departments and management, we established the high-level needs for the new site. These included fully bringing the site up to date with a modern, responsive design. A key concept distilled from those meetings was ‘the virtual hospital’: a navigation principle where visitors can browse through the various departments and services of the facility, meeting various team members along the way.

A journey starts with a consultation, there are various diagnostic facilities and a surgical solution is offered in the business. In practice; this means delivering content-rich informative case studies and the staff are brought into them, sharing their experience and insight. Visit a staff member’s page and can discover which department they work in and what their speciality area is. Each section of the website dovetails into the next providing a natural journey of discovery.


To give consistency throughout the site, Lightflows undertook all-new photography of the business. Over a number of sessions, more than 100 team members were photographed in a pop-up studio set up in the practice. In situ photographs of the various teams, amazing facilities and departments bring the site to life and share the wonderful work which takes place in the business.

The results

Positivity all round

The new design has been incredibly well received with positive feedback from the business, as well as its many fans and customers throughout the world. With a fresh, modern, mobile-optimised platform, the site is in the perfect position to grow and support this incredible business for years to come.

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Lightflows have supported Fitzpatrick Referrals to build one of the strongest veterinary web presences in the United Kingdom. The acumen of the whole team provides us with the reassurance that the recommendations the team make regarding web development and investment will have a positive impact on business. The team developed a dynamic strategy to deal with major fluctuations in site traffic associated with the clinic’s involvement in an internationally broadcast TV series which proved robust and cost-effective. Lightflows have always prepared us for ‘the next step’ in the development of our online presence and we place our trust in them to guide us to make the right decisions regarding the online presence.

Padraig Egan

Surgical Resident

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