Launching a new client portal for Gama Aviation

With a diverse client base of high-net-worth individuals, Gama Aviation wanted to embrace digitalisation and surface information and insights to improve client relations.

We worked with the team to understand client needs, then design and develop a branded, engaging portal.

The challenge

Serving tailored, relevant information

Gama Aviation is a global aviation business operating in the US, Europe, the Middle East and China. Across aircraft management, maintenance and charter, they already work with masses of data – but every stakeholder comes with different needs.

For clients

Plane owners need high-level information on their aircraft, including flights, availability and usage. Financial teams need to see up-to-date costs, utilisation and service fees. Pilots need access to flight and crew information, as well as airport and Fixed Base of Operations (FBO) information.

For investors

Investors need to review financial performance and utilisation metrics, understanding how effectively an aircraft is being used.

For internal teams

Account management teams need to manage concierge services at various locations. They also need the ability to post offers and updates for clients, as well as securely share various documents.

A technical and logistical challenge

Every project we work on is a creative challenge. But Gama Aviation came with some significant technical obstacles, particularly around the handling of real-time, sensitive flight data. As a result, security and role-based access would be a vital part of our solution.

The solution

An easy to use mobile-first portal

Following an in-depth discovery phase, we designed a system that was easy to use, self-contained, and capable of supporting growth over time.

Integrated real-time data

On a technical level, we used various API integrations to capture data from operational business systems.

Some data, like financial metrics and crew information, came from existing systems.

We also used real-time flight information covering the entire Gama Aviation fleet. This included air and ground locations, departure and destination airports, flight times, and scheduling.

Finally, we integrated local data for customer convenience, including events and weather.

An optimised level of detail

With so much data woven into the new client portal, overwhelming the user was a significant risk. To address this, we designed tailored experiences for every type of user and every touchpoint.

On mobile devices, a streamlined experience offers quick access to key information. On bigger devices, more detailed information is available. For internal teams on desktops, data is visualised in interactive graphs, with options to drill into further detail – right down to individual line items from suppliers.

The results

A premium client experience

We also recognised the importance of an experience that feels in keeping with the high-end Gama Aviation brand.
Our design and UX team developed a visual language of iconography, graphics and fonts that aligned with the existing brand, while also feeding into an easy, intuitive experience.

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