Gearing towards new software solutions for Gama Aviation

Here at Lightflows, we hold many long-standing relationships with our clients. After initially collaborating to develop a new website, app or minimum viable product (MVP), we often reunite when they have an idea for another big project and trust that we’ll take care of the task.

For example, Gama Aviation – with whom we’ve previously collaborated to help develop their aviation portal – approached us again to help build their main corporate website into an industry-leading international aviation business platform. Having maintained a relationship for over eight years, we were more than thrilled to offer them an advanced aviation software solution.

The challenge

The power of communication

Operating in the UK, US, Middle East and the Far East, Gama Aviation is – if you haven’t yet seen our previous project with them – a global aviation business founded on the principle of delivering their high-net-worth clients’ missions with dedication and passion. Our mission, in turn, was to help steer the direction of their digital and online services in professional and powerful ways. Therefore, we recognised the importance of highlighting the benefits of their aviation technology and blend of software solutions that power aviation businesses.

We started to address this challenge by differentiating between their four main business segments – management, maintenance, charter and technology – so the individual, corporation or government seeking a bespoke solution can easily find the services they require. What’s more, their comprehensive charter fleet is ideal for any charter mission, including business trips, holiday flights and band tours, further making the flexibility of their impressive services a priority.

Being present in many global locations, including New Orleans, China and Sharjah, we also considered the need for the Gama Aviation site to be accessible in various languages. Therefore, in the coding process, our technical team made sure to enable language translation in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, to name a few.

The solution

A strong set of services

Mobile navigation was one of our top priorities with the mobile user in mind. Therefore, at the top of the site in mobile view, we invite users to select their sector and service from two drop-down menus; they must choose the top first to populate the menu options for the second. Such a feature encourages a faster, more efficient customer experience.

Our dedicated designers devised a careful set of brand guidelines to ease navigation across the website, concentrating on typography, accents, and backgrounds. They settled on dark grey and black typography against light grey and white sets to enhance readability, with bold red shades for links, accents and buttons to easily distinguish Gama Aviation’s services. On the menu, our skilful developers ensured that the services were even more easily divisible by enabling drop-down menus, grids and subheadings.

The results

Soaring to new heights

Both Lightflows and Gama Aviation couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the website; it looks sharp and professional on any device, catering to their prestigious clientele and delivering an advanced aviation software solution. The success of this project marks new heights for the Gama Aviation team, in addition to the continuation of our long-standing relationship, so we can’t wait to watch it soar and incite new, exciting project ideas down the line.

Whether we’ve previously collaborated or are yet to collaborate, we can’t wait to bring your digital project ideas to life. Contact us here, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs as soon as possible.

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