In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient and seamless integration of Human Resources (HR) technology into corporate careers websites is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Our HR Technology Solutions are designed to transform the way businesses manage their most valuable asset: their people. With a focus on innovation, user experience, and strategic alignment, we offer a suite of services that seamlessly integrates HR functionalities into your corporate website, enhancing both employee engagement and operational efficiency.

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What Lightflows does

In an era where digital presence and seamless integration are key, our HR Technology Solutions redefine the interaction between businesses and their workforce. By marrying innovation with user experience, we provide a suite of services that integrate HR functionalities into your corporate website, thereby boosting employee engagement and operational efficiency.

Ready to elevate your HR operations? Contact us to discover how our HR Technology Solutions can seamlessly integrate into your corporate website, driving efficiency, engagement, and strategic growth.

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HR Technology & Marketing Services

We provide comprehensive solutions that bring together all aspects of human resources and corporate website integration, including employee onboarding, tracking performance metrics, managing benefits and payroll systems, creating employee profiles, and more.

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Careers Websites

Your careers website is central to your online attraction activity. Statistics show that every successful hire will have visited your careers website at least once. We ensure your recruitment site is optimised and easy to use on all devices.

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Customisable HR Portals

Tailored to reflect your brand’s identity, our HR portals offer employees a centralised hub for all HR-related activities, including benefits management, training, performance tracking, and more.

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HR Analytics and Reporting

Leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions. Our solutions provide comprehensive analytics and customisable reporting tools to track HR metrics, such as  effectively.

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Automated Workflows and Processes

Streamline HR operations with automation. From onboarding to offboarding, our technology simplifies processes, reducing manual tasks and increasing accuracy.

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Engagement & Recruiting Tools

From advanced applicant tracking systems that streamline the recruitment process to engagement platforms that foster a vibrant workplace culture.

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Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is more than just filling positions; it’s about identifying and attracting individuals who possess the required  expertise and align with the business’ vision.  We offer tailored recruitment strategies and cutting-edge tools to pinpoint candidates who can thrive in a dynamic, creative environment.

Careers websites

At Lightflows, we specialise in creating device-responsive websites that smoothly integrate with applicant tracking systems, ensuring optimal performance across all devices. Our commitment extends to conducting thorough cross-browser testing for consistent functionality on mobile, desktop, and tablet.

We empower your team with in-house web training, enabling them to effectively manage your careers website. Additionally, our bespoke audits offer actionable insights to enhance site performance. We strategically optimise calls-to-action to improve candidate conversion rates and provide expert recommendations on site maps and user journeys, ensuring a seamless experience.

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Recruitment SEO

Prioritising search engine visibility, we build in SEO best practices from the start of every project and ensure full compatibility with Google for Jobs standards. Our comprehensive service includes unlimited hosting, ongoing technical support for any issues or requests, and regular, detailed reports on site performance, helping you make data-driven decisions for continual improvement.

In essence, Lightflows delivers a holistic, data-driven approach to HR website development and maintenance, ensuring your site is efficient, effective, and aligned with the latest digital standards.

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Advanced Integration with Leading HR Technologies

Our HR Technology Solutions integrate seamlessly with a range of leading HR technologies, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your corporate website. Below is an overview of each technology we work with:back-end development, API integration, databases and consulting services. Let’s make it happe


Streamlined Recruitment Management

Bullhorn is a cloud-based CRM and operations software designed for the staffing industry. Our integration with Bullhorn allows for efficient management of the entire recruitment process. From candidate sourcing to placement, Bullhorn’s robust functionalities are seamlessly incorporated into your HR system, enhancing the efficiency of your staffing and recruitment operations.


Efficient Job Distribution and Candidate Sourcing

Broadbean is a powerful tool for distributing job postings and sourcing candidates across multiple channels. Integrating Broadbean with your system simplifies the process of posting job vacancies, reaching a wide audience, and tracking the effectiveness of different recruitment channels, thereby optimising your recruitment strategy.


Enhancing Employee and Candidate Engagement

HubSpot, renowned for its inbound marketing, sales, and service software, is also instrumental in HR contexts. Our integration with HubSpot allows for effective management of employee and candidate engagement. From automated email campaigns to detailed analytics on candidate behavior, HubSpot’s tools enhance your HR communication strategies.


Streamlined HR Management and Operations

Salesforce, primarily known for customer relationship management (CRM), also offers functionalities beneficial for HR. Integrating Salesforce with your HR system enables streamlined management of employee data, improved communication channels, and enhanced analytics capabilities, contributing to more informed HR decision-making.

Job Adder

Simplifying Recruitment Workflows

Job Adder is a comprehensive recruitment platform that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. By integrating Job Adder, we streamline your recruitment workflow, making it easier to track applicants, manage job orders, and maintain candidate relationships. This integration is key to simplifying and automating your recruitment process.

Google for Jobs

Maximizing Job Listing Visibility

Google for Jobs is a job search platform integrated into Google Search. Our solutions ensure that your job listings are optimised for visibility on Google for Jobs, enhancing your reach to potential candidates and ensuring that your vacancies appear prominently in relevant searches.

Workday ATS

Efficient Applicant Tracking and Management

Workday Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a part of Workday’s extensive human capital management suite. Integrating Workday ATS provides a seamless process for tracking applicants, managing job postings, and analysing recruitment data. This integration ensures a cohesive and efficient recruitment process, from job posting to hiring.

View our Workday integration services


Global Job Listing and Search Capabilities

Indeed is a global employment search engine that aggregates job listings from various websites. Integrating Indeed into your HR system extends your job postings’ reach to a global audience, offering advanced search capabilities to both employers and job seekers. This integration enhances your ability to attract talent from a vast pool of candidates.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for your HR technology needs means partnering with a leader in the field, a decision that aligns your organisation with innovative, efficient, and impactful HR solutions. With over ten years experience in integrating advanced HR technologies into careers websites, our expertise sets us apart, offering a seamless, intuitive, and comprehensive digital HR experience. We understand that the backbone of any successful organisation is its people, and our tailored solutions are designed to maximise employee engagement and streamline HR processes.

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Expertise in HR Tech

With years of experience in HR technology, our team possesses deep knowledge and understanding of HR processes and the latest technological advancements.

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Customisation and Flexibility

We believe in solutions that cater to your specific business needs, ensuring our services are adaptable to your unique corporate environment.

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User-Centric Design

Our focus on user experience ensures that both employees and HR managers find our solutions intuitive and easy to navigate.

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Continuous Support and Development:

We are committed to continuous improvement and offer ongoing support and updates to keep your HR functionalities cutting-edge.

Lightflows have done a great job for HomeViews and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Olly McGinn

COO, Co-founder HomeViews

A big thank you to the whole team that worked with us to achieve this!


Peter Hamilton

CEO, 123 Sheets

I’ve collaborated the Lightflows team on several large-scale website projects and can recommend without hesitation.


Phil Wareham

Senior Designer

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Frequently asked HR tech questions

These FAQs cover a broad range of topics related to HR technology and solutions, aimed at providing a deeper understanding of their significance, functionality, and impact on modern business practices.

HR technology refers to the software and hardware used to automate and streamline human resources functions within an organization. This includes systems for recruiting, payroll, performance management, employee data management, and more, aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in HR processes.

HR technology can improve employee engagement by providing tools for effective communication, feedback, and recognition. It also streamlines processes like onboarding, training, and benefits management, making them more accessible and user-friendly for employees.

Integrating HR technology into a corporate website offers several benefits:

  • Streamlined recruitment processes
  • Enhanced employee self-service capabilities
  • Real-time access to HR services
  • Improved data management and security
  • Consistent employee experience across digital platforms

HR technology can significantly enhance the recruitment process by automating tasks like job posting, applicant tracking, candidate screening, and communication. It also provides tools for analytics and reporting, helping to identify the most effective recruitment strategies and sources.

When choosing an HR technology solution, consider factors such as:

  • Specific HR needs of your organization
  • Ease of use and user interface
  • Integration capabilities with existing systems
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Security and compliance features
  • Vendor support and service

Yes, HR technology can assist in compliance and regulatory requirements by automating record-keeping, ensuring data accuracy, and providing timely updates on legal changes. This helps organizations adhere to labor laws and other regulations more efficiently.

HR technology often includes robust security features to protect sensitive employee data. This includes encryption, secure data storage, access controls, and regular security audits, which are crucial for safeguarding confidential information.

Absolutely. HR technology solutions are available for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Many solutions are scalable and can be customized to fit the specific needs and budget constraints of smaller organizations.

The future of HR technology is likely to see increased use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to further streamline HR processes. There’s also a growing focus on employee experience platforms, advanced analytics, and mobile accessibility.

HR technology facilitates remote work by providing tools for virtual recruitment, online training, digital onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement, all accessible remotely. This helps maintain productivity and collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.



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