Flowable are an Enterprise software company delivering innovative B2B business process management solutions to the emerging  FinTech and established Insurance and Banking industries.

Headquartered in Switzerland, but with offices Worldwide, their business model leverages open source BPM software to deliver commercial solutions.

Flowable Website Design on Multiple Responsive Devices

The challenge

The Flowable organisation commercialises software built using their own Open Source project.  For this reason, they needed their own, strong and unique brand to differentiate them from their Open Source project.

Lightflows were approached to consult on and deliver a re-brand and digital marketing strategy. The project has included creating a strong identity for the Enterprise business, as well as relaunching the brand and its communications strategy. This was rolled out across the businesses offices and marketing website earlier this year.

The solution

Flowable’s software is all about solving business process problems and speeding up communications between teams. With a clear brief to hand, we went to work on creating a design brief that would match the innovative and enterprising solutions the business offers.

After exploring a range of design concepts, a developing a striking new palette, we settled on producing a modern illustration style that could quickly and effectively convey all of the touch-points and areas that the business software solves. Our front-end team came up with the great idea of making these illustrations appear by ‘flowing’ into the page, adding interest and excitement to each page.

Flowable Website Design Lifestyle Image

For the digital design process, we wanted to deliver an experience and look which was true to the name Flowable. This meant removing hard edges around images and creating smooth sweeping shapes which flow through each page of the design. Care and attention were employed to ensure that the final design responds and adapts perfectly to each mobile and tablet device.

Flowable Website Design On Multiple iPads

Flowable Website Design On Multiple iPhones

Each graphic illustrates the accompanying text, reducing the density of written content and making the pages more user friendly. This also helps communicate the slightly complex information presented on the site.

Flowable Website Design

Flowable’s target audience mainly consists of business owners and project managers. As these individuals are often exceedingly busy, it was vital that the website’s navigation was as logical and intuitive as possible.

Flowable Style Guide Booklet
Flowable Style Guide Booklet
Flowable Business Cards

Making the information easy to find hugely increases the chance of a conversion, especially amongst this demographic.

Flowable Wall Mounted Office Sign Logo Front
Flowable Wall Mounted Office Sign Logo Left
Flowable Wall Mounted Office Sign Logo Right

The results

The Flowable website has delivered high-quality leads and conversions since it went live. The presentation and functionality of the website represent the three products well, and members of the Flowable team are able to update the content with ease.

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